Omoide Yokocho

Old and Real. New discovery

I've been living in Tokyo five years and I’v never visited this Omoide streer. Do I regret that? No, of course. Years ago my photography skill wasnt as good as now. My skills developed so much since then which made me appreciate walking around Omoide and be able to shoot what I felt that night. 

Omoiede Yokocho, small liked streets full with tiny restaurants and bars beside of one of the biggest train stations in Tokyo. Its amazing how the modern Tokyo meets the very old Tokyo in one spot.

If you like Japanese food, well this is the place! The smell so good that you will not resist eating in one of them. 


Omoide be TofyAmr
Omoide ppl by TofyAmr

Omoide ppl by TofyAmr

Man at Omoide by TofyAmr