Gear for on Good Picture

When I was a student at the language school, I wanted to capture memories with better quality to last. I saw so much beauty that none of my phones or digital cameras could capture. That time I knew I have to get a DSLR camera, a cheap one good enough for beginners. Beleive or not I couldn't use it for a while, I hated how its so heavy and couldn't understand why my pictures have that beautiful bokeh like professional pictures of my favourite photographer I followed that time.

By the time goes, I forced my self to use it no matter where I’m going to or who is I’m meeting. I called my friends for a photo shoot، I talked to the stranger on the street to take their picture. I did this regularly non stop spirally after graduating. Here  I noticed that my skills are improving.

Well, the practice wasn't my only key to improve, watching other photographers tutorials and tips helped a lot. 

I believe that getting yourself in a strange position will push you further and you will do it no matter what the results are.  Here where you will know your self and your style.

List of gears I use frequently.  

Canon EOS 60D (5years old camera) 

Kit lens 18-135mm f3.5

Top portrait lens

Canon 50mm f1.8

Canon 85mm f1.8

Landscape lenses

I will use the kit lens  

Cano 70-200mm f2.8



Don't buy a heavy one; you won't use it