Fatema Amr


Originally from Saudi Arabia, Ms. Amr grew up with a keen interest in Japanese language, culture, and style.  In 2012, she moved to Tokyo where she enrolled as a Master's student at Tokyo University of Technology.  After graduating with a degree in biotechnology, she pursued her long-held passion by working in media and digital marketing.

As an entrepreneur, Ms. Amr is constantly exploring, sharing, and vlogging.  She is also an avid photographer.  Her Youtube channel, "It's Tofy," features her adventures in Tokyo and throughout the rest of Japan.  She aspires to continue expanding her photographhy business and her service to others by sharing her love of Japan with the Arab world.  


And she's super badass and fun =)))


Bachelor degree in Biochemistry

Master degree in Biotechnology



Photography & Photo Editing

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Digital Marketing, E-commerce, and Content creation

Photography and Videography


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